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Lumba Sumba Pass

   The Trek run through Kanchanjunga Conservatoin Area in the eastern Himalaya.Trekkers can explore the tradional farming practices and see different birds and wildlife species including the endangered snow leopard and red panda from the route.there are number of hight mountain lakes in Olangchung Gola.Through this route we explore two of nepal's best preserved protected areas- the Kanchanjunga Conservation Area and the Makalu Barun National park.Through the route,one can also trek to the Base Camps of Mt Kanchanjunga and Mt Makalu Similarly the tamorband Arun and Arun River systems can be the other attraction for tourists.These two Rivers are the major tributaries of the mighty Sapta Koshi River.The route encompasses alpine grass lands rocky outcrops,dense temperate and sub-tropical forests,and low rivers valleys.Apart from natural beauty,trekkers can also explore culture heritage like monasteries,chhorten,temples and prayer walls. And to add to the flavor,the festivals of these peaple living in harmony only serve to make the native culture livelier.Lumba Sumba peak(5200) is the major attraction of route.Offering some of the most spactacular Himalayan landsscapes,this trekking route is home to different ethnic groups like the Sherpas,Limbus,Rai,Gurungs,Magars,Newars and Tamangs